TOP High Ticket Closers Recommendation to new Graduate

What are the tasks that new high-ticket closers

  1. Sharpen your closing skill regularly. Just like any other new skill that you learn, it takes time to improve and to get good at the new thing. The degrees or any certifications do not define your results, your skill does. The worst thing you want to happen is when the right opportunity comes and you be unskilled or unprepared.
  2. Do not operate as a lone wolf. Surround yourself with like-minded people who are better than you to get a massive improvement. By setting the environment, you will naturally catch up and get similar results, productivity, and ability like the people who you spend time with.
  3. Be proactive instead of passive. Inexperience, the closers who I know that are doing extremely well at closing career are a go-getter. They don’t wait for the lottery to come, they win the lottery prize with their skill. They don’t wait to be spoon-fed on a silver plater, they go out finding deals and close the deals. Just like anything else when you first started, you must be willing to invest in the time to do the groundwork, to plan the seeds and nurture them over time. Once the foundation, reputation set in place, your reward will come to fruition.
  4. The more you give, the more you shall receive. You cannot eat the fruit the same day you plant the seed. Moreover, you CANNOT GET any fruit if you don’t plant any seed! Vise versa you cannot expect something in return if you have not delivered any value from the first place. That is just how the universe works. And because of that, do not stress out worrying “How much money can I make?” Ask yourself a deeper question “How much value can I give to the marketplace and How fast can I use my gifted talents to serve people?” The moment you operate in abundance instead of scarcity, I can promise you that the positive results will attract you like a magnet.
  5. Treat High-Ticket Closing as a way of life and not a temporary job. This is not a get rich quick scheme. If you are looking to make a million dollars overnight, then I will tell you straight up to go and buy lottery tickets. High-Ticket Closing to me is a lifestyle of living that I am the CEO of my own destiny. I dictate my future by my daily activities. I count on myself making money disregarding to any government, economy, customers, natural disaster, death (well I’m over-exaggerating here but you get the idea). Let’s be real here, if you graduated from any university with a degree, before you apply for any job, you need to have volunteer hours, extra curriculum, club activities, job shadowing, internship, interview, then you could potentially get the job with your profession if you happened to be great. I want you to realize how much time consuming those requirements are and that is just the reality of the true process of getting a college degree job in America. And I want you to make a comparison to High-Ticket Closing and I want you to treat this as a long term university investment. The smartest investment that I can say to me is to decide what is the particular skill that takes the shortest time to learn and be good with the potential of making fast and a lot of money in today’s marketplace.

By Dylan Nguyen

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