Have you ever felt that...?

Why is it that you are not successful yet? Why where you are right now in your life is not anywhere near where you aimed to be in the past? You might be trying many different business opportunities, but none of them produce the results that you are looking for. Yes, these stuck feelings, I know how it feels to be in that position. 

How I encountered Sifu Dan Lok

I actually found Dan on YouTube, at that time I was editing a video for my channel and at the same time one of the videos of his was playing in the background, then I heard him saying the F*** word and that immediately grabbed my attention.  The way he speaks and talks about things is very practical. Then, I did more research about the person whose name is Dan Lok and here's the results that I found. YouTube's search results show this Chinese guy, Dan Lok, wearing a red suit and speaking at a TEDx conference.

boss in the bently

How To Find A Mentor - Boss In The Bentley

Sifu at TEDx

TEDx Event 

Someone speaking in such an event, this means that he is a legit person, I thought to myself and I went on with my research: 

Dan immigrated to Vancouver, Canada from Honk Kong with his parents at the age of 14 speaking not a word of English and having no connections in the World of Business & Entrepreneurship, but he was able to overcome all these obstacles and now he is a best selling author and a multi-millionaire. This person had nothing in his life and now he's become a very successful entrepreneur. 

His story got me curious about him so my desire to learn more about him became bigger and bigger. I went on and searched more about his work until I found this High-Ticket Closing Certification Program (HTC) !!!  Then I looked the internet for it and found out that Dan has a webinar about this course so I registered for it and attended the webinar. At the end of the webinar, the idea of making money developing a High-Income Skill, in this case High-Ticket Closing, and the Wealth Triangle really intrigued me.

After watching the webinar, I wasn't really sure if enrolling into Dan Lok's HTC Program is the right decision for me. I was really skeptical and didn't know what to do, but I finally hold my breath and decided to take a leap of faith and just jumped into the program to move forward with it because this was the only way in front of me that would allow me to do something significant in my life and this time was the time that I was going to put all in.


Jak with HTC Certificate
clients say testimonials

In the middle of the program, I started to make money even before I get to graduate from the program ! The HTC Program opened up a lot more opportunities in my life and not only in the area of finances but also in other areas of my life as well. Joining this program was the best decision I've ever made in my life. If you want to read more about my results click on my first influencer closing for online courses.


mother and me

The main reason why I joined the HTC program it's because I wanted to be able to provide for my mother. She was there by my side all along my journey and therefor she means the world to me. And all of that thanks to the HTC program that changed my life and myself so I become a better person. Feel free to book a call with me and my team so together we can find out if this program is the right fit for you or not. Schedule time with me


sifu Meditate

I had the opportunity today to be learning from the most caring and loving, and definitely the best teacher, my Sifu Dan Lok® Mentor of Mentors - High Ticket Sales Expert. He changed my life forever and for better. 

My story, and my journey. 

Was my story helpful to you? If you find any value in what I am sharing here with you and you want to know if you too can join the HTC program or not click here. or URL:

Or maybe you need to talk to someone who has already gone through the program to help you answer all your questions. Book a call with me and my team so that I can help you see if it is a good fit for you or not. Schedule time with me