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The world is looking for authenticity and truth. Trust is the most important commodity.
Are you looking to leverage on new-world disruptive technologies to expand your business?
Partner with certified High Ticket Closers who are equipped to multiply results for you and your brand.

I facilitate solutions for CEOs and Entrepreneurs. Do you want to have an elite team who will close premium deals for you over the phone on a 1-1 basis?

If you are looking to scale your business to the next level,
spending less time on the phone,
leveraging on skilled Closers at no financial risk,
let's talk.

If you are a thought leader and marketer with a product or service that transforms lives, the world and countless people NEED your products and services.

Save your time while we qualify your leads so that you work with committed clients, bringing the success of your programme to the next level, IMPACTING the world.

If you are looking to scale your business in a SHORT period of time,
schedule a call with me for a discussion on opportunities and possibilities.
My team only takes on a few prime projects at a time. We can have a win-win arrangement.

In summary if you want to:

  •  ...multiply your time and your bottomline by 10X.
  • ...give a personal touch to your warm leads and add to your brand image.
  • ...spend less time on the phone and your time where it is most needed
  • ...have qualified and committed clients from your warm leads, who turn into raving fans.

Jak Lau


Joanne Toh is my AG Team captain she has great insights about what should I focus on to get the right results. Her advise to me has given me opportunity to learn and able to ask her for real valuable information that would really make the results in what I am doing. Having the opportunity to work with her allow me to gain an insight on how great a High-Ticket Millionaire and Leader she is. I am really grateful to work with her. 




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